Introduction: Hi, I’m Rachael! A dynamic blend of academic curiosity and adventurous spirit, I navigate the world with a love for travel and cultural exploration. Teaching Philosophy: My approach to education is shaped by a commitment to inclusivity and cultural understanding. Drawing on diverse experiences, including volunteering with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and tutoring […]


Introduction: Hi, I’m Plaabon! Specializing in HSC subjects such as English Standard/Advanced/Extension 1/Extension 2, Legal Studies, PDHPE, and Maths Standard/Advanced, I’m dedicated to making your journey to the HSC an enjoyable and successful one. 🎓 With a degree in Law (Honours)/Arts from ANU and nearly three years of tutoring experience across NSW, I bring expertise […]


Introduction: Hi, I’m Elwin, a Math enthusiast currently pursuing Engineering and Computer Science at UNSW. My passion for Mathematics knows no bounds, and I find immense satisfaction in sharing my knowledge with others. I would be delighted to guide you through your high school math journey! 🌟 Teaching Philosophy: I believe in making Math accessible […]


Introduction: Hi, I’m Clinton, a passionate Maths tutor dedicated to making your learning journey enjoyable and fulfilling! 🌟 Whether you’re struggling with Maths concepts or aiming for top results, I’m here to tailor your lessons to your unique learning style, ensuring an effective and transformative experience. 📚 Experience: With over three years of teaching experience, […]


Hello! I’m Jasmine, a passionate physiotherapy student at ACU. Excited to be your tutor and mentor throughout your high school journey! 📚✨ Book lessons with me for: Feel free to message me anytime for advice on uni, time management, or life in general. <3 My goal is to inspire and motivate students to succeed, and […]


Hello, I’m Aden, and I bring a wealth of academic expertise and enthusiasm to my tutoring sessions. With an ATAR of 97 and a focus on Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney, I am well-versed in the rigors of high-level academics. Subjects I tutor include: My tutoring philosophy is centered around empowering students to choose […]


Hey there! I’m Farida! 🌟 Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons)/Arts at the University of New South Wales. I’ve been on the tutoring scene since January 2017, specializing in English Standard and Advanced, PDHPE, and 7-10 Math for primary and high school students. 📚✏️ In my sessions, I aim to simplify those tricky […]


Hello everyone! 🌟 I’m Eina, currently immersing myself in the world of words and creativity as I pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing at RMIT. 📚✨ Creative thinking and writing have always been my forte, and I’m thrilled to bring that passion into tutoring. What sets me apart? Well, I’m all about prioritizing […]


Hello, I’m Neel, an experienced tutor at Modern Education. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies at the University of Sydney, where I major in Chemistry and Finance under the Dalyell Scholarship and a WAM of 85.7 (HD). Back in my high school days at Sydney Boys Selective High School, I […]


Hey, everyone! I’m Raghu, a passionate Growth Specialist and dedicated Tutor at Modedu, where I bring my enthusiasm for education to help students thrive. Currently, I’m immersed in my Bachelor of Commerce & Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholars) program at the University of Sydney. My academic journey has equipped me with a deep understanding of the […]


Hi! I’m Nhi! Super passionate tutor at Modedu currently pursuing a Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) at UNSW. With a strong foundation in junior maths and science, I’m excited to help students navigate these subjects. My love for working with younger students stems from the joy I find in making learning enjoyable and interactive. I believe […]


Meet Farrah Wahidin, a dedicated Mechatronics Engineering and Physics student at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Passionate about shaping the future of technology, particularly in mechatronics and biomedical engineering, Farrah is driven by the desire to create a tangible impact, notably in medical technology such as Cochlear devices. Farrah’s love for space and […]