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About Us

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Enhance your educational journey with Modedu!

Whether it was Alexander the Great or Emperor Nero, history has shown that the most influential kings, emperors, and royal families all benefited from private tutoring to enrich their lives. At Modedu, we firmly believe in the power of personalised 1:1 education as the most effective approach for student success.

Our forte lies in providing a diverse array of excellent 1:1 tutoring sessions that cater to students of all subjects across NSW. We offer personalized, flexible, and convenient learning options, ensuring our methods are precise, easily understandable, and efficient.

Modedu stands out by offering a variety of tailored learning opportunities, specifically designed for individuals who seek flexibility without compromising on the pursuit of a top-notch education and improved academic performance. With adaptable study options, our students have the freedom to progress through courses at a pace that suits them best.


About Us

Our Mission

To make education accessible for all!

At Modedu we believe that no students ability should be left behind or put down! Every student has the right to learn whatever they want, and should have the aspiration to get into their dream university if they want to!

For this reason the shift to an increasingly virtual world excites us; At modedu we’ve found alternate ways to offer support & guidance to students which help them to achieve an excellent quality of education, while allowing room for flexibility.

Our 1:1 tutorials are designed to adapt to each student’s ability & pace, whilst also have a structured organisation which ready students for examinations.

At Modern Education, we believe in learning without walls and delivering exceptional service using reliable, high-quality technology to create an environment of effective learning.

Providing Credible, Trustworthy And Reliable Tutors.

Our team is responsible to deliver personalised, convenient and flexible educational services. We do this through a rigorous interview process and training procedure to ensure tutors are of high quality.

Trinity Of Communication

Parents often struggle to help their children in progression in high school and university. We intend to bridge the gap between the students and parents by supporting them both with reporting features post lesson and live updates.

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About Us

How We Teach!

At Modedu, our approach to education is finely tuned to address the specific needs of each student. We start by comprehensively identifying the challenges students face in their learning journey. Whether it’s understanding complex concepts, grasping difficult topics, or improving study techniques, we tailor our teaching to meet these individual obstacles head-on.

Moreover, we proactively engage with students to align our sessions with their upcoming assessments and exams, ensuring targeted and focused preparation. This strategic approach allows students to feel well-prepared, confident, and capable of excelling in their academic evaluations.

But we don’t stop there. Our commitment extends beyond immediate academic demands—we believe in equipping students with an edge by keeping them ahead of their school syllabus or content. By diving deeper into future coursework, we help students anticipate and familiarize themselves with upcoming lessons, fostering a proactive and confident approach to their studies.

Most significantly, we intertwine these efforts to align with each student’s goals and ambitions. By linking their work directly to their aspirations, we empower them to see the relevance and importance of their education in realizing their dreams.

Our refined educational methodology is not just about teaching subjects; it’s about shaping an educational experience that addresses challenges, prepares for assessments, propels students ahead, and anchors their studies to their personal ambitions.