Know Your Tutor


Meet Farrah Wahidin, a dedicated Mechatronics Engineering and Physics student at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Passionate about shaping the future of technology, particularly in mechatronics and biomedical engineering, Farrah is driven by the desire to create a tangible impact, notably in medical technology such as Cochlear devices.

Farrah’s love for space and physics, evident in her exceptional performance in high school, drew her to the captivating combination of theoretical concepts and hands-on applications within the fields of engineering and physics. The satisfaction of transforming formulas into real-world solutions is what fuels her academic journey.

As an experienced tutor for students in years 10 and 11, Farrah enjoys connecting with students, providing them with wisdom, and offering unwavering support for their success. Her expertise extends to public speaking competition adjudication, making her an effective and engaging communicator.

Farrah’s tutoring style is adaptable, prioritizing understanding each student’s passions as a starting point for effective learning. She goes beyond conventional approaches, catering to diverse learning needs. Specializing in supporting high-achieving students under stress, Farrah ensures a balanced approach to academic success.

Driven by personal goals, Farrah is keen on developing new skills and interests, particularly in the realm of art. Her achievements, including receiving the Trailblazer – Art of Smart Award in Year 12, reflect her commitment to excellence.

Known for her super-friendly, open, and empathetic demeanor, Farrah handles objections adeptly and is dedicated to making a meaningful difference. She values giving and receiving tough feedback, fostering an environment of growth and improvement.

With a broad range of experiences, from fundraising activities to volunteering and circular activities like Meribook community involvement, Farrah understands the importance of balancing personal life with academic pursuits. Her commitment to forming relationships with students and her interest in mentorship opportunities highlight her dedication to modern education’s core values.