Modern History

Modern History: 🌍📜

Modern History offers a fascinating exploration of key events, individuals, and forces that have shaped the world in the 20th and 21st centuries. Students engage in case studies, investigative projects, and in-depth studies of significant historical developments.

Year 11:

  • Investigating Modern History:
    • Explore the nature of modern history, undertaking at least ONE option from ‘The Nature of Modern History’ and at least TWO case studies.
    • Case studies focus on historical features, individuals, groups, events, or concepts, fostering inquiry-based investigations.
    • Must not significantly overlap with Year 12 topics.
  • Historical Investigation:
    • Conduct a historical investigation to develop investigative, research, and presentation skills.
    • The investigation extends individual or group interests and can be integrated into any aspect of the Year 11 course.
    • Must not significantly overlap with Year 12 topics.
  • The Shaping of the Modern World:
    • Investigate forces and ideas that shaped the modern world, studying key events and developments that define modernity.
    • At least ONE study from ‘The Shaping of the Modern World’ is undertaken.
    • Studies must not significantly overlap with Year 12 topics.

Year 12:

  • Core Study: Power and Authority in the Modern World 1919–1946 (30 hours):
    • Explore the dynamics of power and authority during a critical period, spanning from the aftermath of World War I to the end of World War II.
  • National Studies (30 hours):
    • Choose ONE ‘National Studies’ topic, exploring the history of a specific nation during a significant period.
  • Peace and Conflict (30 hours):
    • Study ONE ‘Peace and Conflict’ topic, delving into the complexities of conflicts and efforts for peace.
  • Change in the Modern World (30 hours):
    • Explore the dynamics of change in the modern world through the study of ONE ‘Change in the Modern World’ topic.

Modern History equips students with a deep understanding of the significant events and forces that have shaped the modern world. The course fosters critical thinking, historical analysis, and an appreciation for the complexities of historical narratives. 🚀🌐