Legal Studies

Legal Studies Overview: ⚖️📚

Legal Studies provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the legal system, individual rights, crime, and human rights. The course combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, empowering students to critically analyze legal issues and engage with the complexities of the legal landscape. 🏛️🤔

Year 11:

Core Part I: The Legal System

  • Introduces foundational legal concepts, sources of contemporary Australian law, legal classifications, and the processes involved in law reform. Students gain insight into the mechanisms shaping the legal landscape.

Core Part II: The Individual and the Law

  • Explores the legal rights and responsibilities of individuals, methods for resolving disputes, and contemporary issues arising from technological advancements. It emphasizes the role of law in safeguarding individual interests.

Core Part III: Law in Practice

  • Integrates practical applications to deepen students’ understanding of legal principles covered in Parts I and II. This section may be combined with previous sections to provide a holistic understanding of law in action.

Year 12:

Core Part I: Crime

  • Delves into the complex world of criminal law, covering the nature of crime, the criminal investigation and trial processes, sentencing, punishment, issues related to young offenders, and international crime. Students gain insights into the mechanisms of criminal justice.

Core Part II: Human Rights

  • Examines the nature, development, promotion, and enforcement of human rights. It also addresses contemporary issues, emphasizing the importance of upholding human rights principles in various contexts.

Part III: Options (Choose Two)

  • Offers students the opportunity to specialize in areas of interest such as consumers, global environmental protection, family law, Indigenous peoples’ rights, shelter law, workplace law, or world order. This allows for in-depth exploration of specific legal domains.