English Extension 1 & 2

Extension English: 📚🎓

Extension English is an advanced-level course designed for students with a profound interest in literature, language, and critical thinking skills. This course offers an enriched and challenging experience, extending beyond the standard English curriculum.

Year 11:

  • Module: Texts, Culture, and Value (40 hours):
    • Engage in the in-depth study of ONE prescribed text from the past and its manifestations in recent cultures.
    • Undertake a related research project (20 hours) concurrently, selecting ONE text and exploring its manifestations in recent cultures.

Year 12 – Extension 1:

  • Common Module: Literary Worlds with Elective (60 hours):
    • Dive into the exploration of Literary Worlds, selecting at least THREE texts from a prescribed list for module study, including at least TWO extended print texts.
    • Study at least TWO related texts to enhance understanding and perspectives.

Year 12 – Extension 2:

  • The Composition Process (60 hours):
    • Undertake an extensive independent investigation, involving a range of complex texts during the composition process.
    • Document the journey in the Major Work Journal and Reflection Statement.

Extension English is not just a course; it’s a literary journey that challenges students to critically engage with texts, explore cultural values, and produce a Major Work that reflects their deep understanding and creative prowess. The course structure encourages independent research, critical analysis, and creative expression, making it an ideal choice for students passionate about literature and eager to showcase their literary talents. 🚀📚