English Advanced

English Advanced: 📚🎓

English Advanced is a comprehensive course designed to develop advanced literacy skills, critical thinking, and analytical abilities. Covering a diverse range of texts, this course encourages students to engage deeply with literature, language, and various modes of communication.

Year 11:

  • Common Module: Reading to Write (40 hours):
    • Explore the dynamic relationship between reading and writing, understanding how one informs and enriches the other.
  • Module A: Narratives that Shape our World (40 hours):
    • Delve into narratives that have shaped the world, analyzing how storytelling influences perspectives and cultural understanding.
  • Module B: Critical Study of Literature (40 hours):
    • Engage in a critical study of literature, exploring themes, techniques, and the cultural impact of selected texts.

Year 12:

  • Common Module: Texts and Human Experiences (30 hours):
    • Explore texts that delve into various aspects of the human experience, fostering empathy and understanding.
  • Module A: Textual Conversations (30 hours):
    • Analyze how texts engage in conversations with each other, exploring intertextuality and connections between diverse works.
  • Module B: Critical Study of Literature (30 hours):
    • Continue the critical study of literature, deepening the exploration of themes, techniques, and cultural contexts.
  • Module C: The Craft of Writing (30 hours):
    • Develop advanced writing skills, focusing on the craft of writing across different genres and styles.

English Advanced provides students with a rich literary experience, emphasizing critical analysis, creative expression, and an exploration of human experiences through diverse texts. This course prepares students for higher education and cultivates skills essential for a range of professional paths. 🚀📚