Ancient History

Ancient History: 🏛️📜

Ancient History is a captivating exploration of the past, from the methodological approaches used by historians to the in-depth study of ancient societies, key features, and notable personalities. Students engage in investigative and research skills, delving into case studies, historical features, and individual or group historical investigations.

Year 11:

  • Investigating Ancient History:
    • Explore the nature of ancient history, engaging in at least ONE option from ‘The Nature of Ancient History’ and at least TWO case studies.
    • Case studies delve into historical features, people, places, events, and developments of the ancient world, fostering inquiry-based investigations.
    • Must not significantly overlap with Year 12 topics.
  • Features of Ancient Societies:
    • Study at least TWO ancient societies, investigating different key features or one key feature across the selected societies.
    • Studies focus on understanding how people lived, why they lived that way, and the forces shaping their circumstances.
    • Must not significantly overlap with Year 12 topics.
  • Historical Investigation:
    • Conduct a historical investigation to develop investigative, research, and presentation skills.
    • The investigation extends individual or group interests and can be integrated into any aspect of the Year 11 course.
    • Must not significantly overlap with Year 12 topics.

Year 12:

  • Core Study: Cities of Vesuvius – Pompeii and Herculaneum (30 hours):
    • Explore the fascinating history of Pompeii and Herculaneum, examining their societies, culture, and the impact of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
  • Ancient Societies (30 hours):
    • Choose ONE ‘Ancient Societies’ topic from areas such as Egypt, Near East, China, Greece, or Rome.
  • Personalities in their Times (30 hours):
    • Explore notable personalities from ancient history, understanding their impact on their societies.
  • Historical Periods (30 hours):
    • Study ONE ‘Historical Periods’ topic, delving into specific time periods within ancient history.

Ancient History provides students with a rich understanding of the ancient world, fostering critical thinking, investigative skills, and an appreciation for the complexities of historical societies. The course prepares students for continued exploration in history or related fields. 🚀🏛️