Start your Academic Growth Journey with a Free Trial!

A study done in 1984 called ‘
Blooms 2 Sigma Problem ‘ showed that 1:1 tuition allows students to perform 2 standard deviations above the average student in classrooms.

That’s the difference between a C-Grade and an A-Grade!

Our programs and structure here at Modedu follow this same principle , and we’re so confident we’re happy to offer the first lesson completely for free.

We will need to take down your card details as we use this to automate your payments in our program! Make sure to see our T&C’s here

If you wish to remove your details after the trial you can contact our management team at who will be able to help accordingly! 

Need Help Urgently? 

Generally students like to pass information regarding recent homework, assignments or assessments that they’ve been given. Evidently as seen above we have a section that allows them to fill out some details for it!

Based on your child’s needs you can share any information from their school in Sydney or Melbourne that way we can tailor their private tutoring trial and starting addressing the challenges they’re facing. 

The structure for lessons here at Modedu revolve around uncovering particular points with our students. E.g 

  • Students current challenges in the subject
  • The focus areas they are doing at school as of now.
  • Any upcoming exams and assessments they need to work on.
  • Any way to get them ahead of class and competitive in the grade!

Our programs start with a Private Tutoring Trial based on Sydney & Melbourne local tutors, where we then aim to tackle one or all the points above, streamlining your child’s educational experience and preparing them for the best growth possible! 

Overall students within the Modedu platform see an incredible 20 – 30% growth! An amazing result! If you want your child to also achieve the same result, make sure to get started now!